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Interns share their journey, insights, and success stories.

"Interns reflect on their experiences, growth, and contributions within SBC's dynamic environment.

Interns Testimonials


Hajira Ghazala

During my time at SBC, spanning over a year, I’ve been immersed in invaluable learning experiences. The firm’s conducive atmosphere for personal and professional growth, coupled with a flexible work culture, has provided me with ample opportunities to develop. Working alongside highly skilled professionals in such niche domains has significantly expanded my knowledge in various aspects. Overall, my journey at SBC has been enriching and fulfilling, giving me a valuable edge in my CA articleship experience. I am grateful for the opportunities provided to me and look forward to continuing my growth with this esteemed firm.

Aditya Dasari

My internship at SBC, has been nothing short of exceptional. The firm’s dedication to mentorship and professional development has provided me with invaluable insights and experiences. From the collaborative team environment to the cutting-edge projects, SBC has consistently exceeded my expectations. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow alongside industry experts who are truly passionate about their work. SBC has not only equipped me with the skills needed to succeed in transfer pricing but has also instilled in me a sense of confidence and enthusiasm for the field. I am proud to have been a part of such a prestigious firm.


Lahari Ankam

I’ve had an amazing journey at Steadfast Business consulting LLP, filled with growth and support. From day one, I felt welcomed and valued, part of a positive and inclusive culture. The focus on employee development is outstanding, with training and mentorship opportunities empowering me to excel. Collaboration is key here, sparking creativity and innovation in our diverse projects. But what truly sets us apart is the people; I’ve built meaningful friendships and found inspiration in my colleagues. Proud to be part of this community where we work together towards success. Thanks to all for making it such a rewarding experience!

Utkarsh Kala

My internship at SBC in transfer pricing was incredible. It was a learning experience for me from one of the finest companies known for excellence, professionalism, and innovativeness. I participated in real projects as I carried out my research and honed my analytical and communication skills in a dynamic work environment that promoted learning and growth. By practicing what I already knew theoretically under the guidance of experienced colleagues, I was able to make some meaningful contributions towards the success of this organization. An opportunity to work with this great company is an honour and am looking forward to using the knowledge gained elsewhere in future.



I’m absolutely thrilled to be a part of the incredible team at Steadfast Business consulting LLP. The supportive work environment has been amazing. It’s truly a place where you feel encouraged to collaborate and learn from each other. Every day brings a new opportunity to stretch myself and grow both professionally and personally. They foster a culture of learning and development, and the supportive colleagues make it a truly enjoyable experience.

Charan Vegi

I’m a CA article at Steadfast Business Consulting LLP (SBC), specializing in Transfer Pricing & International Taxation. Joining SBC has been the most informative adventure as it has increased my professionalism. Being part of SBC’s team of dynamic chartered accountants was important to me. From day one, I have been surrounded by experts who are not just proficient in their respective fields but also incredibly supportive and nurturing towards budding professionals like myself. The collaborative environment fosters continuous learning and innovation, allowing us to stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving landscape of transfer pricing and international taxation I am grateful for the Opportunity to work  alongside such talented individuals and contribute to the firm’s success.


Sai Venkanna Dora

Working as an intern at Steadfast Business Consulting LLP (SBC) has been a character building experience that has greatly advanced my professional development. Not only have I learnt from the accounting professionals with highly gifted brains that I collaborated with, but also this engagement helped me to be perfect in terms of skills and knowledge in area. It is within the fostering environment created by SBC’s team that has given me room to explore finance beyond its borders. Their generous contributions of knowledge alongside their wealth of experience have been truly motivational and intensely fast-tracked my learning process.

I am thankful for being able to play a part in building up SBC and convinced that these competencies acquired here will provide me with a strong basis for future undertakings pertaining finance. The journey continues with this company as I tap into the intellect of its esteemed team to further excel in my

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