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Empowering talent for excellence in professional services.

Empowering Excellence: SBC – Where Expertise Meets Innovation for Your Financial Success.

Training and Development

SBC prioritizes the ongoing training and development of its team members. Their dynamic team of young professionals, many of whom are alumni of Big 4 accounting firms, suggests a culture of continuous learning and growth. The training programs likely cover a wide range of topics, including tax laws and regulations, accounting principles, consulting methodologies, and client communication skills. These programs aim to equip the team with the necessary expertise to provide high-quality services to clients.

Practice Areas:

Tax Consulting: SBC specializes in providing tax consulting services, including tax planning, compliance, and advisory services. Their expertise in tax laws and regulations enables them to assist clients in optimizing their tax liabilities and ensuring compliance with local and international tax requirements.

Audit Services : The firm likely offers audit services, which involve examining financial records to provide assurance on the accuracy and reliability of financial information. This practice area ensures that clients’ financial statements comply with accounting standards and regulatory requirements.

Financial Advisory: SBC provides financial advisory services to assist clients in making informed financial decisions. This may include services such as financial analysis, forecasting, and investment advice, helping clients achieve their financial goals and objectives.

Audit & Assurance Services : As a CA firm, SBC offers a wide range of services related to accounting, auditing, and financial reporting. Their team of Chartered Accountants likely provides expertise in areas such as financial statement preparation, statutory audits, and regulatory compliance.


SBC’s experience is rooted in its team’s background, which includes alumni of Big 4 accounting firms. This suggests that the firm brings a wealth of experience from working with multinational corporations, large enterprises, and high-profile clients. Their experience spans multiple industries, allowing them to provide tailored solutions to clients from diverse sectors. Additionally, SBC’s commitment to building a new-age professional services organization indicates a forward-thinking approach to addressing clients’ needs and challenges in a rapidly evolving business environment.

Overall, SBC’s training and development initiatives, practice areas, and experience reflect a commitment to providing high-quality, comprehensive services to clients in India and beyond, while staying agile and innovative in their approach.

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